Payment policy

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Payment Policy
The Payments Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1. Means of payment
1.1. Credit card

1.1.1. The Client can use 1 (one) or 2 (two) credit cards issued in Brazil in his name, either as a holder or dependent, with the following brands: Visa ®️, Mastercard ®️, Elo, Hyper, Diners and American Express ®️.

1.1.2. The order acceptance period is up to 48 hours after the payment is approved by the bank.

1.2. Bank slip
1.2.1. The term of the bank slip is 1 (one) business day and its payment must be in cash, in a single installment and without the total amount of the Purchase made.

1.2.2. Confirmation of receipt of the amount will occur within 2 (two) business days from the expiration of the bank slip.

1.2.3. If the payment of the bank slip is by check, the deadline for receipt will be up to 5 business days, after clearing the check.

1.2.4. The order will proceed to the shipping flow after confirmation of receipt of payment by Gissa Bicalho.

1.2.5. The order will be automatically canceled in the event of non-payment or payment with an amount different from that stated in the bank slip.

2. Purchase Order
2.1. Gissa Bicalho provides a descriptive page for each product, with information on the characteristic, composition, possible health and safety risk, the expiration date, origin, availability in stock, payment terms and total price at sight and parceled.

2.2. After choosing the product, the Customer will be directed to the cart and will be able to view: the product, the chosen quantity, the value, as well as calculate the freight. After viewing the data, it will be necessary to identify the delivery information and choose the payment method.

2.3. The Gissa Bicalho, immediately, send an email to the customer indicating the purchase number, the product, the quantity, the price, the shipping cost, the payment method and the estimated term or the schedule Of delivery.

2.4. After completing the Purchase, for security reasons, Gissa Bicalho will not accept changes to the payment method, product, product quantity, delivery location, registration data and delivery data or shift.

2.5. To change the payment method in Purchase made through boleto bancário, just don’t make your payment and the boleto will be automatically canceled. Afterwards, just redo the Purchase and choose the payment method of your preference from those available on the website.

2.6. During the purchase process, it will be an estimate of the deadline for delivery of the product considering: the product, its quantity, the available stock and the distance between our distribution centers.